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Toyota Solar Today

An open letter to all companies, organisations, corporations

To be useful, any suggestion needs to be tailored to the situation of the organisation concerned. I’ve lived “next door” to Toyota for many years, so I am addressing this letter to that company – though the letter, and the underlying message, can of course be interpreted by the reader in terms of their own organisation.


Collective corporate responsiblity

Can Toyota lead the world?

Can Toyota create an industry that has a future?

Can Toyota do what everyone knows is necessary?

Can Toyota go solar — today?

It is possible!

It can be done!


4 year program

Every Toyota a solar Toyota – by 2012.

Toyota Solar Today

Is this necessary?

Yes, absolutely, this is not the survival of the company.

It is the survival of the species “driver”.


Technologies for a sustainable future

Solar/wind hybrid

All hybrid vehicles fitted with solar panels.

Add wind turbine for additional electricity generation at highway speed.

Offer parking or carport solar panels with each vehicle for additional plug-in power.

Retrofit all Toyota vehicles

Solar panels added to all existing hybrid vehicles.

Develop a small solar powered auxiliary electric motor for conventional engines.

Retrofit existing conventional Toyota fleet, old cars first, even if low efficiency.

This provides volume to reduce overall solar panel unit cost, allowing technical advances to apply to newer cars.

Move all new car production to hybrid/solar/wind

With backup fuel which is maximally planet friendly and does not compete with food sources.


Corporate awareness raising

How can a major revolution in technology be achieved in 4 years?

Maximise corporate creativity

By tapping into the individual creative potential of ALL members of the Toyota family.

Creativity is not a specialization. It inheres in each person.

Each member of the Toyota family CAN make a creative contribution.

How can corporate creativity be released?

By Corporate Creative Discussion

Small group discussion, focusing on listening for insight.

Horizontal groups across areas of responsibility

And vertical groups across levels of hierarchy.

Established method for developing creativity

Plain Pair Groups and Creative Discussion

Developed through Campus Creative Discussion.

For more details see: Creative Discussion Groups

Posted to website on 23rd December, 2008


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