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William Plain
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A flash of insight is the spark of cosmic intelligence.
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Awareness Training in Learning and Teaching

William Plain

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Copyright ©1990
by William Plain
First published 1990
Typesetting: EdiText, Turin
Published by Edizioni il Capitello, Turin
Printed in Italy


Acknowledgements, viii

Introduction, ix
Choice of the word ‘awareness’
Establishing the parameters

Part 1. The Practice of Awareness

Ch. 1. ‘There is no recipe for the tired learner’, 3
Un coeur de poète

Ch. 2. Awareness training in the classroom, 9
All teaching is concerned with awareness
Specific awareness training

Ch. 3.  The teacher in the awareness equation, 19
Awareness as course planner
Explicit awareness training
Teacher awareness of self
Awareness in freedom

Ch. 4.  Inhibitors of awareness, 29
Individual differences

Part 2. The Nature of Awareness

Ch. 5.  Paradigms, models and the like, 39
Awareness of ‘paradigmatic limitation’
Recognition of discrepancy
Awareness activities

Ch. 6.  A Paradigm for awareness, 49
The awareness training process
The inner structure of awareness
Ch. 7.  From awareness to insight, 59
The inner dimension of wholeness
The Subject of awareness
Beyond awareness

Conclusion, 67

Final note to reader, 69

Part 3. Awareness and the Proficient Practitioner

Interviews, 73
Martin Bygate, 75
Don Porter, 81
Mario Rinvolucri, 89
Jon Roberts, 99
Pauline Robinson, 103
Steven Smith, 111
Gill Sturtridge, 119
Alan Tonkin, 129
Adrian Underhill, 135
Ron White, 141
Eddie Williams, 153
Tessa Woodward, 159

Appendix.  Awareness training in the literature, 171
The origins of awareness
The acquisition of awareness

Bibliography, 183
Index, 185

Recognition and remuneration


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